The Battle of the Mini Eyelash Curlers - Shu Uemura S Eyelash Curler vs MAC Half Lash Curler

The Battle of the Mini Eyelash Curlers - Shu Uemura S Eyelash Curler  vs MAC Half Lash Curler

I am a massive eyelash girl! That means that I can obsess about everything related to lashes such as mascaras and of course eyelash curlers.

I've been eyeing the S Curler by Shu Uemura since the time it was released but I already have the regular one and spending another £20 on an eyelash curler seemed a bit too much. I waited and waited and waited but all the reviews were good. In fact, very good! Everyone lash obsessed like me seemed to love it. So, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get it!

Funny enough, the very same day I went past the MAC Pro store in London and I saw (by chance) that they too had a version of a mini eyelash curler. They call it Half Lash Curler. I had to get it and compare it. Just for fun!

The two look similar but they are very different in my opinion.

MAC's Half Lash Curler
It's very handy and comfortable to use. It comes with an extra rubber bed, which is a nice touch. The look of it is very sleek and the mechanism is pretty much standard.
It curls the lashes quite well but my issues with it are :
1- The actual lash curler part is quite straight. It is a bit curved but not enough to mimic the curve of the eye in my opinion.
2- The are side barriers! This is very off putting for me as I cannot do precision work with the curling. Yes, I told you I'm very obsessed!
3- The design is also very straight "vertically" so you cannot angle it that much towards the lashes.

Shu Uemura S Curler
I cannot fault this curler. That's it!
The design is very clever with the curler pushed forward, which really helps for curling right at the lashes. The look of it is, as the MAC one, very sleek and it's very comfortable to use.
But the winner element of this curler is that there are no side barriers! So you can even curl single lashes with it. It's excellent.
I love how I can curl my lashes from the very narrow inner corner to the very outer corner super suborn straight lashes. You can get right in every corner from all different angles. 
Actually, there is a tiny tiny tiny negative element to it and that is that the top part of the curler is white and if you are like me and curl your lashes last thing then that part gets all dirty from your eye makeup.  

If you want my opinion then just don't bother with the MAC eyelash curler just get the Shu Uemura one!

It's amazing.

I hope this was helpful.



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