REVIEW & SWATCHES - B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmers

REVIEW & SWATCHES - B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmers

I've seen this brand in Superdrug some time ago but I never liked anything from their collection that much to buy in the shop. 
But recently I placed an online order and I saw that the entire range was about half price so I decided to do some brand testing/research.

I picked up two of their Stunning Vibrant Shimmers - a purple (of course) and a copper. 

From the pot they look like a paint pot look-alike. They promise to be creamy, to set and to last the entire day!

So, how did they perform? Let's see:

Well, let's start with the packaging.
The pot is a bit small to my liking. I currently have tips on my nails and they are quite long so if I was to dip my finger I would end up with half the pot under my nails. Not a sexy thing to do. Therefore, I brush was needed. No big deal if honest. I used a brush similar to a MAC 217 to pick up and apply it.

The colours are so pretty! The purple is like an eggplant/ burgundy purple with some tiny blue undertone and it has some super tiny silver shimmer. The copper is stunning and my favourite of the two! It's a very sparky copper with silver shots that depending on the light can look gold or silver but they are mainly silver.  

The formula is very gel-like. It's quite wet I would say. Definitely more wet than any Paint Pot I own. This is neither bad nor good. It really didn't affect the application in my opinion. The brush was able to pick up, apply and distribute the product. 

The consistency was different between these two colours. The copper one was more smooth whereas the purple was a bit more chunky. 

The application was different between these two as well. The copper applied like butter and it glided on the lid but I found the purple one to be very choppy and patchy. I had to apply the purple in more thin layers. In the end I got a lovely look but it required a tiny bit more dedication. I also found that with the copper the more you blend it the more the silver comes up. You might or might not like this - I did.

As with creasing I experience very little creasing but I had a primer underneath. I wanted to use a primer on purpose as I always do as I have quite greasy eyelids. Even with Paint Pots I use a bit of primer. It's just a habit. More recently I did a makeup look and it lasted about 6 hours with very little creasing. 

Are they smudge proof? To do a better (more comprehensive) test I used my hand. I applied two heavy swatches (see images below) and I left them to set a minute or so and I then tried to rub them with my fingers. To my disappointment the product did run a bit. Not much but they are clearly not smudge proof. Mind you, I'm not sure if I would rub my eyelid the way I rubbed my hand but there you go.

Are they waterproof? I would say so. When I tried to clean my hand I put it under the tap and nothing moved! I had to do some heavy rubbing motion to get it off. 

I would recommend them but with a few side notes:

1- They are NOT Paint Pot dupes (different formula, application, finish and texture)
2- Some people might find that these crease on them. The same happens with Paint Pots. You just have to work with the product.
3- They are VERY shimmery (especially the copper one) so if you don't like that look then don't bother! However, if you are clever you would know that this is the case as the name has the word Shimmer.

So, all in all I'm happy with my purchase! Also, a massive thumbs up is that they are cruelty free! 

You can get them from Superdrug [Link] & [Link]



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