Seche Vite Vs Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coats

Seche Vite Vs Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coats

This might seem like a rushed review as I only got the Seche Vite Tope Coat yesterday but trust me when I say that it's already my favourite top coat out there!

For the purpose of this post I will compare it to the very popular Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat as they seem to be the two that tend to crop up in the beauty/nail world more often.

Packaging and Applicator
The Seche Vite is more comfortable to hold. And for me the KEY factor here is that the Seche Vite applicator goes right to the end of the bottle whereas the Sally Hansen one does not and I have to tilt the bottle to reach the product. This happened as soon as the bottle was half empty. It was very annoying! Brownie points to the Seche Vite for this only.
The brushes are ok on both but I prefer the Seche Vite one as it's slightly thiner. I have small nails and I seem to be able to control it a bit better.

The Sally Hansen tends to be a bit more gel-like and not that runny. I like the consistency as I feel that I can play a bit with it. If I make a mistake or if there are areas that I didn't cover properly then the top coat will settle itself and will level itself onto the entire nail. However, it does get gloopy with time and as air gets in so it gets thicker and thicker. The scent is not that bad.
The Seche Vite is very liquid and to me it seems to dry super fast; like in seconds! I know my bottle is new and I'm sure this might change as air get into it but it felt as if there was no room for mistakes. One the first nails I did I left a little gap and it was quite noticeable so I had to reapply the top coat. I find that the product does not settle itself or even level so your application needs to be neat from the start. 
The scent of the Seche Vite is way too strong almost like toxic to me.

Drying time/ Smudging
The award on this subject goes to the Seche Vite! No doubt about it. It dries almost instantly and it makes your nails bullet proof.
The Sally Hansen Top Coat takes a few more seconds to dry but you still need to be a bit careful as the layers underneath are not smudge proof.

The are both super shiny. To me the Sally Hansen gives you a wet-like look almost but I find that it does not last long enough. The Seche Vite gives you a very uniform shine and less patent like. I would say they are both very close in terms of the shine.

The Sally Hansen (13.3ml) is currently retailing at £5.99 in Boots (link)
And the Seche Vite (14ml) is £9 in Boots as well (link)

My opinion
I prefer the application of the Sally Hansen Top Coat as it's easier and a bit more relaxed in terms of drying time and the time you can paly with the applicator until you have an even surface but I feel that the Seche Vite is better at what it's meant to do. I feel the Seche Vite is a better product with a more professional finish and that it's worth the extra £3! My nails feel stronger with the Seche Vite and I feel I will be able to use all the product even what's at the bottom of the bottle as the bottle is better designed than the Sally Hansen one.
If I were to repurchse one it would definitely be the Seche Vite Top Coat.

Comparison images
You can see below comparison images of me wearing both top coats. On both images I have gel nails done by me actually so that will explain any imperfection :)

I hope this was helpful!



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