2013 Foundation Saviours (High End & Drugstore)

2013 Foundation Saviours (High End & Drugstore)

I probably have about 30 (yes, thirty) "personal" foundations as well as my pro makeup kit.

So, I'm quite spoilt for choice here. However, in 2013 I gravitated a lot towards these bunch. I like to use high end as well as drugstore and I even mix them to create new shades or finishes. Why not?

Let's start with a tiny explanation on why I liked these the most:

Healthy Mix Serum by Bourjois - Who doesn't love this foundation!? I have the original Healthy Mix but I much much much prefer this one. I use it in the shade number 53 called Light Beige and that's my winter shade. The finish is just outstanding. It's a mixture of glowy and satin. It blends beautifully on the skin and it provides, I would say, medium coverage. It lasts quite well on the skin. They say it should last 16hs but I don't think I ever used foundation for that long. The only downside (for a lot of people at least) is that they come in only a few shades). Rumour has it that it's the same as Chanel Vita Lumiere! They even smell the same. It retails at the moment at £10.99 so it's not the cheapest but it's definitely worth it! Link here.

Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani - This is definitely a luxury product or it feels like one. I purchased this foundation when I had a tan so I have it in the shade 6.5 (something similar to MAC's NC40ish). I love this foundation because it makes my skin look absolutely flawless. The coverage is amazing! It's like a good medium coverage but it neutralises my uneven pigmentation very well. It's a definite satin finish and it just feels so luxurious! What I love about it is that it has no SPF so you are photo safe with this one. I believe they changed the packaging now but the formula is still the same. They have lots of shades and for different undertones so extra points for that. It's quite expensive at £32 but I do not regret this purchase one bit! Link here.

FIT me Foundation by Maybelline - This foundation is so light yet it covers so well! Maybelline claims that this foundation has no waxes or fillers but it's still great at covering blemishes and giving great wear. I would say it's on the glowy side of finishes and it blends so seamlessly. It lasts very well on my skin but on occasions I need to powder a bit. I like it so much that I have my winter and summer shade and I mix them to cater for the in between months! It retails at £7.99 so it's a bit more accessible. Link here.

HD High Definition Foundation by Makeup For Ever - A long time ago I purchased one of these through a blog sale and it was the wrong shade so I decided to do a lot of research to see what shade was right for me and I managed to match me to shade 127. It's a pretty good match on the yellow side of things. This foundation has a massive following with beauty bloggers and MUAs. And now I know why! It is exactly what everyone claims. It's amazing at covering blemishes and at evening my skin tone. I would say that it's medium coverage (as opposed to say Rich Liquid Foundation by Illamasqua, which is like concrete on the face). It lasts for ever on the face with very little need to powder. The finish is very natural but more on the matte side for me. This foundation retails at £32 here in the UK and you can get it online mainly or at one or two shops in London. Link here.

So, these were my saviours during 2013 in terms of foundation. I love each one of them and I would definitely repurchase them when I reach the bottom of the bottles.



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