Hi ladies,

I'm sure you like me are in constant search of achieving the perfect lashes! 

You want big and long lashes that do not move and do not bother you during the day. You don't want the fuss of false lashes and the glue and the tweezers job. You want a sexy look and you want it easy and quick.

Well, I think I found the solution and it's called MAGNETIC LASH.

Magnetic Lash is the equivalent of an extension mascara- it's glamorous; it's volumising; it's conditioning and long lasting. Do you need anything else? I don't.

Basically Magnetic Lash is a 1-2-1 system 
Mascara - Fibres - Mascara

Let me show you step by step and then I'll let you know what I think exactly.

0-Me al natural with no eyelash curling...Excuseeeeeeee my brows!!! They make me gag.

1- Apply one good coat of Magnetic Lash Mascara. Make sure you wet every single lash.

2-Apply the lash builder while the mascara is still wet. Make sure you coat them well as this is the magic ingredient.
3- Apply another coat of Magnetic Lash mascara making sure you cover all the fibres. Work it from the root up.

(Hello BIG lashes!)

You can see they are a bit spiky. I like this but if you like them more spread out then one tip will be to fan your lashes completely dry after the fibre coat. This way your top coat will go on much better and you can be more fierce with it.

So, do I like this product? 
Ohh yesss! Are you joking? Can't you see the BIG lashes I'm rocking on the last photo above? :)

This is just one pass. You can add another layer of the builder and then the mascara again but I find it goes all a bit too legy.

I found it very easy to use. Yes, you might have to carry two tubes around but it's better than lashes + glue+ tweezers.

My lashes a sooo stubbornly straight and I did not curl them on purpose so that we can test the exact result. I'm impressed and in love. 

The secret to Magnetic Lash is the combo of the magic mascara (which of course can be used on it's own) and the natural fibres.

You might be thinking how dangerous to add fibres to your lashes? Well these are natural fibres that will not damage your eyes in any direct way. You just touch the wet lashes with the lash builder wand and the tiny fibres just stick to the lash. In the eventuality that a fibre does get on your eyes then use eye wash and let your eye do the cleaning job itself. However, so far I never had this issue for now.

The magic fibres look like this:

I found this mascara system to be super smudge proof and very long lasting. It does not flake at all during the day and I can remove it with my make-up remover with no problem at all. 

The fibre tube is much smaller than the actual mascara but you only need a few touches to build up the lashes so I don't see how I could finish the fibres before the mascara. 

I have to be honest- I have not tried the fibres with other mascaras. 
They are supposed to work best when combined together. It's a matter of trying I guess. 

Would I recommend this product? 

I purchased mine at Santhilea for £24. Link here.



How do you achieve a false lash effect? 

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  1. The Freckle Princess

    The Freckle Princess on 08/06/2012 9:04 p.m. #

    Wow I never actually knew such a thing existed. This sounds like a fab idea and the results look great. Think I will have to try this for myself-thanks,<br />x

  2. socialitedreams

    socialitedreams on 08/12/2012 6:40 p.m. #

    super cool! i want to try it

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