Bobbi Brown BBU Palette

Hi ladies,

Did I show you my baby already?
Maybe she made it to one of my videos.
It's the one and only BBU palette by Bobbi Brown.

This baby came ALL the way from Australia. I have one of my sisters living there. How handy for when collections are released there, right?

This was the only one left at the counter and it was there because someone forgot to pick it up!

This palette was released here in the UK some years ago and it was sold out almost instantly.
It was hard to get and so expensive (around £200+).

It still was very expensive. So, what do you get for your money?
Eeerrr...everything? You get all the correctors and creamy concealers (26) and the stick foundations (20)!


It comes with a plastic separator which is very handy with all the names and it helps you avoid any mess going on.

These are the stick foundations:

When you see empty squares those are so that you can create your mix! Kind of your working palette.
The idea is that you take a little bit of the colours you need and then you mix them in the empty one.

After doing a bit of research I think the previously released palettes were slightly different. You can see an example here. They actually came with less concealers (21) and stick foundations (17). Not sure why they changed it.

I'm so happy I took the photos for the blog. Now I can start using it!! ;)

I heard so many of you raving about the Bobbi Brown concealers and now I can try the lot!



Any good combos to use with the concealers? 
I guess my Laura Mercier brightening powder will work ok to set it?

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  1. FunnyFaceBeauty

    FunnyFaceBeauty on 09/29/2011 3:50 a.m. #

    Amazing! I need this. Hopefully if and when I take another makeup course I can get my hands on one of these palettes. <br />xx<br />Alicia

  2. chantelle_thomas

    chantelle_thomas on 10/03/2011 10:49 p.m. #

    Thats amazing I would love that!

  3. Ronn

    Ronn on 10/03/2011 10:51 p.m. #

    I love the idea of mixing the shades, because lets be honest you can never really find that perfect match in standard colours, whilst this is faaaaaaar too pricey for my student budget, I think I&#39;ll give the smaller bobbi brown concealer kit a go! :)x

  4. mamat_sb

    mamat_sb on 05/01/2012 9:37 p.m. #

    i love that can u order for it

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