Photo tutorial: one of my typical purple looks

Hi everyone,

This will be another photo tutorial on a purple look I do quite often.

 I took these photos at night and the flash didn't help as the colours are not
true to reality in some cases.
From now on I'll try to make the photo tutorials during the day so that you can
see the colours in natural light.
Also, you will notice that I have my sunglasses as a hair band....don't looks silly I know..but they were handy. :-)

Hope you enjoy it!


1- Prime your eye if you need to.
On this occasion I'm not as I'm not going anywhere and I will be taking everything off as soon as I finish.

2-Add a colour base:
I'm using a AquaColor base in a colour very similar to Vellum e/s by mac.
It's a shimmery white with some blue/purple shine.
If you don't have this just use a white shimmery colour base.

This particular product activates with water.
I sprayed a little bit of water on the product and then rubbed my finger.

Like so:

Don't will really spread.
I find that using my finger is the best option for this product as it's quite creamy.

Your lid should look like this:
No need to be very neat at this stage.

3-Set the colour base
I'm using Vellum e/s by Mac as it's the same exact colour as the base.
I'm using a no name/ no brand flat brush from Ebay.

And your set colour base should look like this:

4-First colour.
I'm using Cornflower pigment by Mac with a no name/no brand flat e/s brush.
This pigment is showing up here as more blue than what it is.

Don't have this pigment?
Other alternatives could be this purple mini Bourjois or the last shadow in the Body Shop Cube.

First Cornflower, second Bourjois and the last one is the BS one.

Ok, they are not dupes but they will work for this look in my opinion.
They are all in that purple/blue shimmery colour.

So, apply this colour on the outer corner and a little wash on the 3rd of the lid.

It should look like this:

5-Crease colour
Yessss..I now have MUFE number 92!!!
If you don't have this colour then apply a deeper purple than the lid colour you applied in the previous step.
I'm using a pencil brush by Crown Brushes.

Measure your crease:

 Apply and blend.

It should look like this:

6-Over the crease colour.
This will warm up the look and it will be a good transition colour.
I'm using a matte orange colour from Pupa (don't know the name) with a fluffy blending brush by Revlon.

Apply on top of the crease.

Sorry..I accidentally deleted the result photo. You will see it anyway on the following photos. ;0)

I'm using Vanilla by Mac with the same brush.

Apply on the brow bone and on the tear-duct area.

It should look like this:

8-Bottom lash line:
Add a bit of the lid and crease colour on the bottom lash line.

9-Tight line your eyes.
I like putting the eyeliner pencil very gently inside my eye and then sliding the tip. In this way I'm doing top and bottom at the same time.
I use contact lenses and I never had any problems doing it like this.

It should look like this:

10-Apply mascara
I'm using DiorShow Black out.

Loveeeeeee ittttt
Look...this was just ONE coat.

It deserved 3 photos!

11-Apply eyeliner.
I would normally do this before the mascara but for some reason I did it this way.
I chose to use my favourite purple gel eyeliner: It's from Inglot and it's number 82.
In real life this colour is more purple than blue.
I love the colour but I totally hate the texture! It's so hard to work with...very hard and not smooth.
I'm using a super fine brush from an Art shop.

It should look like this:

1-Apply bronzer:
All over the face (I like doing that) and then some contour on the hollow of your cheeks, temples and jaw line for more definition.

My go to bronzer is just a very loved matte bronzer by Rimmel used with a cheap brush.

For contour I'm using the Sleek Contour Kit in Medium and my 138 brush by Mac
(This brush was a definite investment..very expensive but I love it)

Contour in action:

I'm using the MeMeMe blush in Rouge with a blush brush from H&M.
Apparently this blush is a dupe for Coralista by Benefit but I cannot confirm this as I don't own Coralista.

Rubbish smile...anyway..

3-Face highlight
This is my new love. it's by Gosh and it's hugeeeeeeee. Look at the size of this.
The texture is similar to the smooth and soft.
It's 30grams and it's about £13.
This will last you a lifetime!

I'm using a mini kabuki brush:

The swatch is on top of the purples.
It's very pretty...very natural and there is no glitter...just shimmer.

I apply it on top of my cheeks.

See the effect?

I just applied the cheap lipgloss I got at the beauty show


Hope you liked it.

Next photo tutorial will be the green smoky eye I had on this FOTD.

Take care.



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  1. ..nichola!

    ..nichola! on 09/22/2010 8:30 p.m. #

    Your finished look, looks Stunning :)<br /><br />That gosh product is quite bigg!<br /><br />x.ó

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