Airbrushing is the make-up technique that uses a compressor and a spraying gun to spray a fine mist of make-up that sits evenly on your skin and stays there all day long.

This technique has been widely used in Hollywood, body painting and in high fashion shows as well as for TV for decades. Nowadays with the use of HD technology, TV and cinema productions require the high standard of airbrush make-up for nearly every single project.

There is no age restriction. Anyone can benefit from a flawless look. As airbrush techniques are so flexible the finishes can be adapted to each person depending on the coverage needed.

Mercedes also works with airbrush make-up, which is highly requested especially for bridal and editorial work to achieve a flawless look in record time that is also very long lasting. She works with a comprehensive range of airbrush foundations in different finishes and different shades from very fair to very deep tones.

Airbrush make-up is also very useful for creating the perfect base and concealing as well as for covering tattoos, correcting skin tones on hands, neck and legs. Some people prefer to cover their freckles on occasions and airbrushing is ideal for this.

The results are stunning, long lasting and flawless.

Mercedes also works with airbrush combined with stencils to great funky hair styles and animal prints on hair.